About Us

Our goal is to offer a collaborative learning experience that works with you, wherever you are, whenever you need it, and however you want it.

We want to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date training that is designed to help you develop localization skills conveniently and quickly, without any fuss. We bring the world's best trainers and programs together — in one location where ideas are shared and growing knowledge becomes valuable. The company was founded in California in 2012. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley and have subsidiaries in Germany and England.

Our motivation

A bright future for Localization.

We live in a highly connected global market. The world has a desire and need to share every product and service imaginable, in their native language, regardless of political or economic borders. Localization has always played an important role in helping organizations grow their brands and revenue internationally — and locally — in multilingual societies. Localization empowers organizations. It’s the knowledge and tool to enable company offerings to be adapted and successfully marketed in a specific region, or locale. The future of localization promises even brighter opportunities for new careers in localization. A new educational model for localization is needed to keep up with the demand for great localization.

Our challenge

There is a growing need for well-educated professionals.

This growth sets the stage for a higher standard of localization education.  Localization education, using an online education model, must now pool its best contributors for a truly global knowledge base.  Education will grow great careers.  Education will also help companies understand the unique value of the localization processes.  Today, no enterprise organization can thrive without valuing localization.  Localization is more than localized hardware or software — localization touches every industry from medical device providers and government communication, to entertainment industry creations and food products.  Localization touches anything people can hold in their hands, see, feel, and experience.  Our goal is to ensure we have enough trained, knowledgeable people to meet the growing localization demand.  Education is more than tools and philosophies, localization is training and planning for project managers, engineers, translators, and business leaders. With education from many experts in the field, we help provide organizations an understanding of localization’s vast impact on the vision, brand, and culture of a company.

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